We aim to build stronger and more resilient governance strategies that increase societal preparedness to face future global challenges through participatory research, political ecology, local economics, energy transitions, feminist theory and practice, climate justice, AI solutions, data science, one health, mathematical modeling and complex adaptive systems thinking.

We leverage our expertise, community networks, and partners to collaboratively build an emergent framework for addressing global-scale socio-ecological challenges which invariably, and disproportionately impact vulnerable communities.

About Us

We aim to mobilize proactive, complex adaptive systems thinking and strategic foresight to identify and tackle the array of compounding, interacting, and interconnected challenges in vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Our Projects

Our transformative framework to analyze climate and pandemic risk in the context of interdependent social, technical, and biological systems uses forward-looking methods coupled with emerging tools and approaches to identify precursor signals and correlations.

Our team connects experts from York University, CA, Queen’s University, CA, Witwatersrand University, SA, and Institute of Technology – ITA, BR. We are excited to have the opportunity to ‘learn by doing’ and ‘in community.

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Our Funders, Host & Partners

REASURE2 Secretariat is based at York University, Ontario, Canada and has  centres at Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada, Institute of Technology – ITA, San Paolo, Brazil and University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.