Pandemic lessons for rapid adaptive community-based crisis response: metrics, institutions, networks, models, and systemic synergies in the Northwest Toronto community known as Jane and Finch

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been inequitable and crushing, especially for the already marginalized. But community responses in some places have cushioned the impacts and mobilized creative interventions, with long-term implications for future crises including those precipitated by climate change. Our project adopts an asset-based approach and explores pandemic resilience in the Jane-Finch community, where low-income community members, mostly new Canadians, have faced a range of impacts including job loss and/or unsafe work; food

insecurity; crowded housing; crowded public transit; childcare, internet access, senior care, and education challenges; isolation and mental health stresses – all differentially affecting women. Working in partnership with established community institutions and local youth, our interdisciplinary team of researchers will document pandemic-related challenges and how they were addressed locally.