COVID-19 in Nursing Homes

The still ongoing “Coronavirus Disease 2019” (COVID-19) pandemic has disproportionately affected and is still affecting long-term care facilities. We manually developed and curated a dedicated database, specifically based in Ontario, Canada. The dataset consists of 74 covariates collated from over 30 sources verified by the Ontario Ministry of Health. The data was collected and compiled using a ranked source approach where original documents pertaining to each long-term care home, such as accountability agreements, were prioritized.

This verified database is shared for any data mining effort, to test hypotheses or generate new ones about the determinants and predictors of outbreaks occurred in long-term care facilities. The structure of the database has been designed for use by biomedical, biomathematical and social scientists, to ensure broad accessibility to public health workers, decision- and policy-makers and other relevant stakeholders, (re-)use of data and high methodological transparency and reproducibility. Access the database here